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5 best professions for a secure future

The world as we know is changing and some jobs that used to be so assured of their security are now hanging on by a thread. It is the dawn of a new industrial age and with it, certain professions seem to be fading away into obscurity. Therefore it’s essential that you get a job for the future; one that can withstand these trying tests of time. To help you out, here are the five best jobs with excellent security:

1) Chiropractors

As a testament to its job security, unemployment figures stand at a commendable rate of just 1% with an expected employment growth rate of 14.6% in the next seven years. It is arguably the most secure profession in the United States and the world at large.

To practice, you need, under your belt, a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and at least one other professional degrees to match. Your job would entail conducting diagnosis and helping patients having problems with their musculoskeletal system, i.e. the back, recover through a host of techniques of body manipulations.

On average, if you decide to take this route, you’d earn about $ 64,440 a year.

2) Physician Assistants

The profession more than holds its own with regards to longevity with an unemployment rate of just 0.2 % and has great potential with an expected growth rate of 38.4% within the foreseeable seven years.

On the academic front, you need an advanced degree in a physician assistant program coupled with at least three years of experience in the medical industry. Tasks under your jurisdiction would include conducting X rays, administering basic procedures like checking temperatures and drawing blood and basically guiding a patient through the recovery or treatment process.

Essentially, the job entails providing assistance to the medical team. However, in a more remote setting where health professionals are hard to come by, you’d have to take on more doctoral roles. The pay is really good with earnings in excess of $ 91,000 a year the average income standard.

3) Criminal Investigators

Bet you didn’t expect this profession to make the cut! However, detective work and general criminal investigation are one for the long haul with an expected profession growth of 2 % by 2022 and unemployment figures standing at 0.8 %.

To practice such work, you need experience in law enforcement complimented by at least a high school diploma. Your work would entail gathering evidence through interviews and investigations; you’d basically be a modern day Sherlock Holmes.

Salary varies depending on your employer; if you’re a freelancing investigator, then expect about $74,300 a year however you’d earn $30,000 more if you’re hired by the local government.

4) Aerospace engineers.

The future is looking bright for aerospace engineering with the ever increasing demand for commercial airplanes increasing by the day. Unemployment rate is also quite low at just 0.3% while the expected growth rate is 7.3 % over the course of five years

Your job would basically involve designing propulsions and aircraft systems and any accompanying technology with regards to thermodynamics, aerodynamics, and mechanics. A bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical engineering is the minimum academic qualification for this job.

Expect a yearly income as high as $ 108, 000 but no less than $ 70,000.

5) Speech-language pathologist

At $ 70,000 a year, as a speech-language pathologist, you’ll have an annual income significantly higher than the average employee wage margin. Moreover, your future is in safe hands with this career choice as it boasts an unemployment rate of 0.9 % and a high expected growth rate of 19.4 % in the next half a decade.

You need to have specialized in the communication science and disorders department and have a bachelor’s degree or a CAA approved Master’s degree to show for it.

The job entails helping people with communication problems developed as a result of various factors ranging from brain injury to emotional stress.

Over to you. Which job would you pick?