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10 Emerging Jobs in The Future

Technology is causing havoc to our world. In these times of rapid change, many jobs will emerge in future. Some jobs will likely perform very well while others will fade into oblivion. It is important to keep your eyes on the trends and the changes that the future. And to make sure your skills remain relevant. Here are our predictions of 10 jobs likely to be popular in the future.

1. Genetics Nurse

The concept of a genetics nurse might sound weird to you but there’s a strong chance it will become popular in the future due to the genetic disorders that are likely to happen. People will need to be educated on various scientific issues they are likely to affect their lifestyles in order to make the right choices. But they might also need a person with empathy who can help them along their journey.

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2. Computer Forensics Investigator

Being a computer forensics investigator involves the use of electronic information for legal cases. These jobs are for people with both administrative and technical skills who are prepared to ensure law and order is maintained.

3. Cyber Security Ninja

Overall cyber crimes are likely to increase. So, there will be a need for encryption of confidential information. There will be a lot of computer viruses on the internet and cyber security experts are likely to be in high demand. It’s probably one of the more lucrative careers for young people to pursue.

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4. Disaster Management Consultant

Not only do we face natural disasters, like earthquakes and tsunamis. We live in a world where terrorism has become a common theme. People with the ability to maintain a cool head and the skills to manage unexpected situations are likely to command a high price. Disaster managers need to have the ability to develop emergency handling measures that might be instrumental to saving lives.


5. Life Care Planning

Caring for people with various medical problems will increase and the demand not just for carers are on the rise. However, in the future, carers will need to be more responsible for the holistic well-being, health, and lifestyles of those who are unable to do so for themselves.

6. Home Lifestyle Troubleshooter

Technology is developing at such a rapid rate that these days it’s hard to keep up with all the bells and whistles that come with your smart phone, car, voice-controlled audio visual system, automatic garden watering system, home networking system or robotic vacuum cleaner. Even learning how to program¬†some pool vacuums almost requires a college degree! ¬†It can be frustrating when your new car refuses to start or your vacuum cleaner stops working. Having someone to call upon will become more and more popular.

7. Risk Management Analysis

We live in a world of uncertainty where making decisions is no longer black and white. So, there will be an increasing need to calculate risks and data analysis can assist here. There will be a need to come up with methods that can determine the value of the loss so that people can be compensated depending on the risk they have incurred.

8. Financial planners

Money makes the world go ’round is one thing that is likely to remain the same. However, with the emergence of new financial instruments and currencies, such as Bitcoin, there will be a need to consult financial planners who understand these new instruments.

9. Carbon Management Specialist

There’s no doubt that global warming is a hot issue in the USA and around the world. But we will soon need to move from the debating stage into the action stage. Nations will need to consult carbon management agents to work on concrete plans to curb carbon emissions released into the environment.

10. Immigration Specialists

People movement between nations is on the rise and as technology advances, more and more people will migrate in search of a better life. It’s not that far fetched to think that, one day, we may even be migrating to other planets. So, immigration specialists will be the key to playing a role to help people move.


The world is changing and it’s important for students to start thinking of courses that are likely to be competitive in future and leave the courses that may be affected by the jobs evolution. Those already in the workforce will need to reskill to keep up with trends.