Best Apps and Websites For Job Hunting

There are many apps and websites that have been developed to help you in your quest for the perfect job. This advancement in technology has simplified ways for people to get jobs. Here are some top apps and websites.


1. JobMo

JobMo enables you to search for a job in a wide area. It links you to over 20 countries that have advertised jobs. This can be a master job finder for you if you are in need for one. It is linked to Google maps thus it directs you to the exact location where you are likely to get your dream job. It simply detects the websites that have advertised job opportunities and matches them correctly as per the career requirements. This app finds jobs for you and what you are required to do is simply to apply. The application normally has many identified jobs and a person only needs to search in line with his career qualifications and interests.


This is a cool and a lovely app. It is readily available in the apple store. You can easily download it and benefit from its services. It enables a person to search for a job by use of a mobile phone without physically going there.

Searching for a job has become much easier than the times you had to physically look for a job without any online assistance. With Switch App, looking for a job becomes fun as a person swipes away the jobs he/she is not interested in.

The App automatically notifies the employer once you click the job. When the employer gets interested in you, they do an online chat with you. They call you for an interview for formalities and if you qualify, you automatically get the job. Looking for a job has never been so easy.

3. JobR app

This app enables a person to set a profile and update his or her details. You are required to fill in your qualifications, likes, and interests. This app has a career concierge feature that answers all the questions a job seeker may be having. This feature gives the job seeker important tips in line with his or her job requirements.


1. LinkedIn

Most employers and Recruiters use this website when advertising for jobs. This is the largest professional network that links people in search of jobs with employers. It is in use by more than 200 countries and more than 400 million people worldwide. It has a high new member’s recruitment rate estimated to be two new members per second. Membership is free.

2. Indeed

It connects many people with employers. It is a Google search engine that can link you to a job. It is an efficient tool for survey listings as it shows job updates from the job boards, new companies, and various sites. It shows a person the exact job location, salary range and important information a person may be required to know.


This is one of the best website that links people to part time, freelance, short-term, software developers, website creator, designers, writers, and marketing gurus to their required jobs.


People are now able to look for jobs online without physically being there. With the help of these apps and websites, you can be able to look for a job in different countries as long as the website can be accessed by the employer.