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Best Apps and Websites For Job Hunting

There are many apps and websites that have been developed to help you in your quest for the perfect job. This advancement in technology has simplified ways for people to get jobs. Here are some top apps and websites.


1. JobMo

JobMo enables you to search for a job in a wide area. It links you to over 20 countries that have advertised jobs. This can be a master job finder for you if you are in need for one. It is linked to Google maps thus it directs you to the exact location where you are likely to get your dream job. It simply detects the websites that have advertised job opportunities and matches them correctly as per the career requirements. This app finds jobs for you and what you are required to do is simply to apply. The application normally has many identified jobs and a person only needs to search in line with his career qualifications and interests.


This is a cool and a lovely app. It is readily available in the apple store. You can easily download it and benefit from its services. It enables a person to search for a job by use of a mobile phone without physically going there.

Searching for a job has become much easier than the times you had to physically look for a job without any online assistance. With Switch App, looking for a job becomes fun as a person swipes away the jobs he/she is not interested in.

The App automatically notifies the employer once you click the job. When the employer gets interested in you, they do an online chat with you. They call you for an interview for formalities and if you qualify, you automatically get the job. Looking for a job has never been so easy.

3. JobR app

This app enables a person to set a profile and update his or her details. You are required to fill in your qualifications, likes, and interests. This app has a career concierge feature that answers all the questions a job seeker may be having. This feature gives the job seeker important tips in line with his or her job requirements.


1. LinkedIn

Most employers and Recruiters use this website when advertising for jobs. This is the largest professional network that links people in search of jobs with employers. It is in use by more than 200 countries and more than 400 million people worldwide. It has a high new member’s recruitment rate estimated to be two new members per second. Membership is free.

2. Indeed

It connects many people with employers. It is a Google search engine that can link you to a job. It is an efficient tool for survey listings as it shows job updates from the job boards, new companies, and various sites. It shows a person the exact job location, salary range and important information a person may be required to know.


This is one of the best website that links people to part time, freelance, short-term, software developers, website creator, designers, writers, and marketing gurus to their required jobs.


People are now able to look for jobs online without physically being there. With the help of these apps and websites, you can be able to look for a job in different countries as long as the website can be accessed by the employer.

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10 Emerging Jobs in The Future

Technology is causing havoc to our world. In these times of rapid change, many jobs will emerge in future. Some jobs will likely perform very well while others will fade into oblivion. It is important to keep your eyes on the trends and the changes that the future. And to make sure your skills remain relevant. Here are our predictions of 10 jobs likely to be popular in the future.

1. Genetics Nurse

The concept of a genetics nurse might sound weird to you but there’s a strong chance it will become popular in the future due to the genetic disorders that are likely to happen. People will need to be educated on various scientific issues they are likely to affect their lifestyles in order to make the right choices. But they might also need a person with empathy who can help them along their journey.

genetis jobs

2. Computer Forensics Investigator

Being a computer forensics investigator involves the use of electronic information for legal cases. These jobs are for people with both administrative and technical skills who are prepared to ensure law and order is maintained.

3. Cyber Security Ninja

Overall cyber crimes are likely to increase. So, there will be a need for encryption of confidential information. There will be a lot of computer viruses on the internet and cyber security experts are likely to be in high demand. It’s probably one of the more lucrative careers for young people to pursue.

computer forensics

4. Disaster Management Consultant

Not only do we face natural disasters, like earthquakes and tsunamis. We live in a world where terrorism has become a common theme. People with the ability to maintain a cool head and the skills to manage unexpected situations are likely to command a high price. Disaster managers need to have the ability to develop emergency handling measures that might be instrumental to saving lives.


5. Life Care Planning

Caring for people with various medical problems will increase and the demand not just for carers are on the rise. However, in the future, carers will need to be more responsible for the holistic well-being, health, and lifestyles of those who are unable to do so for themselves.

6. Home Lifestyle Troubleshooter

Technology is developing at such a rapid rate that these days it’s hard to keep up with all the bells and whistles that come with your smart phone, car, voice-controlled audio visual system, automatic garden watering system, home networking system or robotic vacuum cleaner. Even learning how to program some pool vacuums almost requires a college degree!  It can be frustrating when your new car refuses to start or your vacuum cleaner stops working. Having someone to call upon will become more and more popular.

7. Risk Management Analysis

We live in a world of uncertainty where making decisions is no longer black and white. So, there will be an increasing need to calculate risks and data analysis can assist here. There will be a need to come up with methods that can determine the value of the loss so that people can be compensated depending on the risk they have incurred.

8. Financial planners

Money makes the world go ’round is one thing that is likely to remain the same. However, with the emergence of new financial instruments and currencies, such as Bitcoin, there will be a need to consult financial planners who understand these new instruments.

9. Carbon Management Specialist

There’s no doubt that global warming is a hot issue in the USA and around the world. But we will soon need to move from the debating stage into the action stage. Nations will need to consult carbon management agents to work on concrete plans to curb carbon emissions released into the environment.

10. Immigration Specialists

People movement between nations is on the rise and as technology advances, more and more people will migrate in search of a better life. It’s not that far fetched to think that, one day, we may even be migrating to other planets. So, immigration specialists will be the key to playing a role to help people move.


The world is changing and it’s important for students to start thinking of courses that are likely to be competitive in future and leave the courses that may be affected by the jobs evolution. Those already in the workforce will need to reskill to keep up with trends.


10 Tips for Job Seekers Working with Recruiters

When job hunting, you’ll often find that job boards don’t always deliver the expected results. Before you give up, know that there’s a valuable resource to consider that may help you land that dream job – recruiters. Also known as search consultants or headhunters, these professionals work independently to find their clients qualified candidates for the open positions within the company. Working with recruiters can help you get employed faster, and here are a few tips to put into practice for a successful collaboration.

1. Choose a Recruiter Specialized in Your Field

Most often, recruiters stick to one or few industries. Considering a recruiter that knows the ins and outs of the job function you’re seeking will ensure you’ll be satisfied with the job you’re given. A recruiter network is a good way of reaching a wider range of employers.

2. Don’t Double-cross Your Recruiter

Some job seekers contact the employer directly after hearing about the position through a recruiter. This is highly unethical and will raise concerns with reputable companies that may not want to hire you under these circumstances.

3. Work With Your Recruiter

Recruiters often work on the candidate’s resume before submitting it to their clients. They may re-do it all over again or change a few things. It’s best to assist them in this process just so you’re not taken by surprise during the interview, where you may discover the changes have been substantial.

4. Don’t Back Out

If you agreed to work with a recruiter, you should do your best to see the process through. Working with recruiters means you are serious about pursuing the opportunity they offer and you should commit to your word.

5. Steer Clear of Recruiters Demanding Fees

If a recruiter asks you to pay a fee for their services, it’s best to kindly refuse them and move on. Recruiters are paid up to 30 percent of the candidate’s first-year annual compensation. They are only paid by the client and you are not obligated to dole out any money.

6. Let Them Negotiate Your Compensation Package

It’s best to leave all discussion about compensation packages to your recruiter, as they are more knowledgeable, can give proper advice on what you can ask for, and can ultimately present this request to the client company.

7. Get Yourself Out There

Not all recruiters appreciate being contacted directly by the job seeker. The ideal way to go about this is to make yourself visible in the community and have them find you. A few ideas include taking on big projects, appearing in the media, giving presentations, or opening a blog.

8. Broaden Your Horizons

Just because you’re located in a specific town or city does not mean you should only be working with recruiters operating in your area. Ask colleagues or trustworthy acquaintances about recruiters working across states and consider them as well. This will only increase your chances of receiving a great job.

9. Be Prepared to Wait

Recruiters work with hundreds of contacts and their interest in job seekers is mostly generated by happenstance. So if a recruiter does not respond to your email after sending a resume, it’s probably because there’s no job opening for you yet. Nonetheless, your resume will be put in a database and you may receive a call in the future.

10. Don’t Expect Too Much

Finally, when working with recruiters it’s mandatory to understand that they are not there to give you advice or coach you on every step that needs to be taken. They might, but you do need to put your A-game on in front of them. You need to know what you want career-wise and show them that you have everything figured out. They are paid to recruit the right candidates, and it’s part of your job to demonstrate that with no external help.

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5 best professions for a secure future

The world as we know is changing and some jobs that used to be so assured of their security are now hanging on by a thread. It is the dawn of a new industrial age and with it, certain professions seem to be fading away into obscurity. Therefore it’s essential that you get a job for the future; one that can withstand these trying tests of time. To help you out, here are the five best jobs with excellent security:

1) Chiropractors

As a testament to its job security, unemployment figures stand at a commendable rate of just 1% with an expected employment growth rate of 14.6% in the next seven years. It is arguably the most secure profession in the United States and the world at large.

To practice, you need, under your belt, a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and at least one other professional degrees to match. Your job would entail conducting diagnosis and helping patients having problems with their musculoskeletal system, i.e. the back, recover through a host of techniques of body manipulations.

On average, if you decide to take this route, you’d earn about $ 64,440 a year.

2) Physician Assistants

The profession more than holds its own with regards to longevity with an unemployment rate of just 0.2 % and has great potential with an expected growth rate of 38.4% within the foreseeable seven years.

On the academic front, you need an advanced degree in a physician assistant program coupled with at least three years of experience in the medical industry. Tasks under your jurisdiction would include conducting X rays, administering basic procedures like checking temperatures and drawing blood and basically guiding a patient through the recovery or treatment process.

Essentially, the job entails providing assistance to the medical team. However, in a more remote setting where health professionals are hard to come by, you’d have to take on more doctoral roles. The pay is really good with earnings in excess of $ 91,000 a year the average income standard.

3) Criminal Investigators

Bet you didn’t expect this profession to make the cut! However, detective work and general criminal investigation are one for the long haul with an expected profession growth of 2 % by 2022 and unemployment figures standing at 0.8 %.

To practice such work, you need experience in law enforcement complimented by at least a high school diploma. Your work would entail gathering evidence through interviews and investigations; you’d basically be a modern day Sherlock Holmes.

Salary varies depending on your employer; if you’re a freelancing investigator, then expect about $74,300 a year however you’d earn $30,000 more if you’re hired by the local government.

4) Aerospace engineers.

The future is looking bright for aerospace engineering with the ever increasing demand for commercial airplanes increasing by the day. Unemployment rate is also quite low at just 0.3% while the expected growth rate is 7.3 % over the course of five years

Your job would basically involve designing propulsions and aircraft systems and any accompanying technology with regards to thermodynamics, aerodynamics, and mechanics. A bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical engineering is the minimum academic qualification for this job.

Expect a yearly income as high as $ 108, 000 but no less than $ 70,000.

5) Speech-language pathologist

At $ 70,000 a year, as a speech-language pathologist, you’ll have an annual income significantly higher than the average employee wage margin. Moreover, your future is in safe hands with this career choice as it boasts an unemployment rate of 0.9 % and a high expected growth rate of 19.4 % in the next half a decade.

You need to have specialized in the communication science and disorders department and have a bachelor’s degree or a CAA approved Master’s degree to show for it.

The job entails helping people with communication problems developed as a result of various factors ranging from brain injury to emotional stress.

Over to you. Which job would you pick?

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How to get your resume ready

So you have finished your college studies and have graduated with a degree. There is no doubt that you would love to get a job as soon as possible. You have pressure from parents and friends to get out of the house. Your friends may have jobs already so you are feeling the pressure. Or you might have lost or quit that job you were doing previously.

You are tired of staying on the couch being a dependent. So you decide to get up and look for a job. The first thing you need to do is prepare a resume. Resume preparation is a crucial step in the job application process. Get it wrong and you could miss your opportunity. The following are tips you could follow to get a perfect resume:

The basics must be in order

This is a no brainer really. You cannot afford to ignore the basics of writing the resume regardless of the industry or field you wish to make the application. In every resume you must include your responsibilities, work experience, job titles and the number of years you have worked in each profession.

You can always fit in the years of work experience in your resume regardless of whether it is a functional resume or a chronological resume. A timeline is a crucial aspect of your life to show a prospective employer.


apply onlne

Your contact details must be included. How do you expect to be called in for a job if you have not included the way for the employer can reach you? You do not have to include your address. This is because if the employers think you live far then they may not consider your application as the commute might be too long. However, your phone number and email address should never be left out of the resume.

You do not have to include your address. This is because if the employers think you live far then they may not consider your application as the commute might be too long. However, your phone number and email address should never be left out of the resume.

Make your resume custom for your field of application

Resumes are far from being a one size fits all. Make sure your resume fits the right parameters for the job you are applying. The information showed in your resume should be relevant to the field you are applying for the job.

Check out resume templates on the internet to give you a guide. If you have three years of experience or less in the field, your resume should stick to one page. If you have more than one year then your resume could exceed one page. Remember the potential employers do not have time to read a novel so make your resume as brief as possible to make your job search easy.

Use of keywords

Most employers use recruitment software to sort through the applications made by the applicants. These seek for keywords that the potential employers find important to the industry. So you would do best to fill your application with these keywords.

Also, be careful not to overdo on the keywords. Because although the machine sorts through your applications, the approved resumes will eventually be read by humans so you want it to seem as natural as possible.


Your resume is a vital part of your job search. It is the first impression that potential employers get about you. You should follow the tips above to keep your resume as appealing to the employers as possible.

Once you’ve done that here are some resources to find the job of your dreams: